[SONG] John Mayer (feat. Katy Perry) x ‘Who You Love’

Rock/pop sensation John Mayer has always impressed me with his lush, dreamy vocals. Fresh off the heels of his first soul album ‘Born and Raised’, Mayer returns with ‘Paradise Valley’, a new album out on August 20. ‘Valley’ features a solo performance from Frank Ocean, who returns the favor after John’s solo on ‘channelORANGE’ (“White”). While John’s talents usually don’t include duets, his upcoming song with girlfriend Katy Perry is a true pop/rock gem. The Queen of Pop adapts a bluegrass sound on “Who You Love” and trades verses with the love of her life. While the chorus is slightly repetitive, both verses seek to provide insight into one of pop culture’s most talked about pairings. John sings “my girl, she ain’t the one I saw coming / sometimes I don’t know which way to go” as if he’s accepting his past and realizing the great catch he has with the Queen. Katy sings “my boy, he ain’t the one I saw coming / and some have said his heart’s too hard to hold” like she’s taking the public warning about Mayer’s dating history with stride. Both have made public mistakes when it comes to love, but the chorus asserts a proper affirmation – “if it’s who you love, it’s who you love”. One thing’s for sure, Katy’s vocals are as rich as ever on “Love”, ad-libbing and crooning John nearly out of his comfort zone. The song ends with a candid moment from Perry – a girlish laugh a la Mariah Carey’s ‘Emotions’ era – and comes off more as a devotion to loving her tall, lanky guitarist. If a couple as prolific as this continue making great love duets like on “Love”, music fans will be in for many treats as their relationship progresses. Listen to John and Katy’s beautiful duet “Who You Love” below.

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