[NEWS] ‘24’ To Return For One-Season Special Event

jackbauerFOX’s epic espionage drama ‘24’ ended dramatically after eight seasons, but apparently there’s hope the series will “Live Another Day”. Planned as a ‘limited event’, main characters Jack Bauer and Chloe O’Brien will return to television for twelve one-hour episodes. Unlike the original show format, each episode will span the course of two hours and will skip through an entire day of turmoil. When ‘24’ ended, Chloe helped Jack escape from the Armenians and Americans, who were both after him after being accused of betraying his own country. Rumors began circulating that a film would follow the show’s dramatic series finale but those plans never got off the ground. Instead, FOX agreed to a ‘limited event’ as a way of satisfying fans in need of the highly successful show. Actor Kiefer Sutherland had a semi-successful stint with the supernatural flop ‘Touch’, which will not be returning this fall for a third season. The ever-dangerous Jack Bauer, however, has been greatly missed from action television. It’s great when really epic television shows are given another chance, but the return of ‘24’ will be even larger with Jack and Chloe together. Read more info on the return of ‘24’ here.

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