[SONG] Katy Perry x ‘Roar’

The ‘Queen of Pop’ has officially returned to airwaves, and she’s come to “Roar”. With a nationwide gold truck advertising her upcoming third album ‘Prism’ nearly everywhere, Katy’s first single hit the internet early after an unexpected leak Saturday morning. Serving as the first single from ‘Prism’, “Roar” screams empowerment with its larger-than-life “now you’re gonna hear me roar” chorus. She hasn’t been this inspirational since “Firework” and it’s definitely going to pay off huge within international markets. The verses are atypical Katy – motivational storytelling with a touch of quirkiness (“I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything”). Her lyrics are so inspirational and touching that it’s custom built to touch the hearts of people from all walks of life and all around the world. As the first midtempo lead-off single from the Queen, “Roar” is planning to do just that – very loudly. ‘Prism’ is also expected to boast more collaborations from hit songwriter Bonnie McKee, EDM producer Diplo, and pop songstress Sia Furler. With the all-star lineup and the epic “Roar” storming through radio, it’s safe to say that the Queen has returned and she’s not playing around. Watch the official “Roar” lyric video below.

Buy “Roar” on iTunes HERE.

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