[SONG + VIDEO] Lady Gaga x ‘Applause’

lady-gaga-applause-videoImagine a queen drunk (and high) performing a dated number in broken heels actually trying to sing instead of lipsynch – apparently that’s the movement Lady Gaga is going for on her third full-length release. The first single from Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP’ album is showing the world that maybe her staying power isn’t as omnipresent as she hoped. “Applause” hit the net just one day after the Queen of Pop Katy Perry’s “Roar” and was met with mixed reviews across the board. The tagline “I live for the applause” does great wonders to satisfy her LGBT listeners by mainstreaming their lingo while outcasting nearly everyone else. In typical Gaga fashion, she tries to make something unfamiliar become popular and the result is a lukewarm uptempo lead-off from a supposed overnight icon. “Applause” doesn’t scream first single at all and was almost omitted from her ‘ARTPOP’ album, but sadly someone pushed for the single’s inclusion on the project. The only thing saving “Applause” the song is its catchy applause sound byte, but everything else is just downright cabaret. “Applause” the video fares slightly better, but it’s still a leap in terms of processing. During the chorus (0:40), Gaga struts in couture as if the song truly matches the outfit’s fierceness. There’s also quite a bit of misunderstood weirdness (1:17, 1:37, 2:47) that, sadly, no one outside of her gay audience would appreciate. I’m hoping Gaga’s second single will be better because “Applause” (commonly stylized on Twitter as #floppause) doesn’t warrant any recognition of this sort. Watch and download Lady Gaga’s “Applause” below.

Download HERE.

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