[NEWS] Former Infomercial Psychic Miss Cleo’s In-The-Works Documentary

Miss-CleoIf you’re like me, anytime someone randomly says “call me now”, you think of failed psychic Miss Cleo. Viewed as one of America’s best con artists of our time, Cleo enticed viewers with her pseudo-Jamaican accent and perceived knowledge of relationships to call to her psychic hotline. Cleo’s commercials were signaled with the infamous tagline “call me now for your free tarot reading” as she appeared to accurately predict the happenings in her callers’ lives, promising a free evaluation when you dialed her 800 number.

After discovering that the 800 numbers were not Cleo and were actually “infomercial” numbers created to get viewers to call a $3.99 per minute 900 line, onlookers became outraged by the lack of free promises by the psychic. Many lawsuits ensued thereafter, leading Cleo – charged under real name Youree’ Harris from Los Angeles, CA – to close her business and seek other projects. Cleo briefly became a spokesperson for the Fuse Network and eventually landed a car dealership advert in 2005. But not much has been heard of her since. In mid-2013, screenwriter Tony Shaff began to request funding for a documentary on infomercial workers entitled ‘Hotline’. Among many other forms of call center workers includes Cleo (or Harris) discussing her rise and fall in the world of fame. While Miss Cleo asserts that it wasn’t her intention to steal from people, her emotional admittance of her true motives are definitely big-screen worthy. The Kickstarter project, which has received over $20,000 in funding, will hopefully be in theaters nationwide next year. Watch a Youree’ Harris clip from the documentary below.

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