[NEWS] Five Reasons You Should Buy Roc Nation Girl Group Haim’s Debut Album ‘Days Are Gone’

About a year ago, Rolling Stone Magazine called California indie-girl trio Haim (rhymes with ‘time’) a mix of “Destiny’s Child with three Beyonce’s plus the pop magic brought to songs by the late Michael Jackson.” After that comparison, I followed their rise to fame and eventually became a diehard fan at this year’s Governor’s Ball in New York City. Simply put, Haim brings a different perspective to the table with their debut album ‘Days Are Gone’, and here are five reasons why their album is worth every penny:
haim25) The Destiny’s Child #threebeyonces reference is very true: Haim, comprised of sisters Este, Danielle, and Alana, are three polished vocalists who make harmonious music together. “Forever”, their debut single was released well over a year ago and has just started to make waves internationally for achieving something that no other girl group has achieved since the Houston trio – consistent, above-standard vocals from all three members.
haim34) Their pre-fame #braggingrights includes work with Julian Casablancas and Cee-Lo Green: Both names are two of the biggest influences on modern music, but on completely different opposite sides of the musical spectrum. Casablancas, lead singer of alt-rock band the Strokes, personally asked middle sister Danielle to sing backup for the band during their 2006-07 tour. Cee-Lo also invited Danielle to join his retro background singers Scarlet Fever, and subsequently made a #prettypenny adding vocals to his quadruple-platinum single “Fuck You”.
haim43) They were ranked 1st on BBC’s #uberexclusive ‘Sound of 2013’ music critics poll: As previously reported, the ‘Sound of…’ list is the UK’s way of letting the world know which artists will make the largest impact in the upcoming year. Corinne Bailey Rae, 50 Cent, and Adele are some of just some of the names that ranked extremely high on the list. And to make matters even better, all of the names above have won Grammys. A group as stellar as Haim are well on their way to 2014 ‘Best New Artist’ and ‘Best Duo/Group Performance’ nominations. #enoughsaid
haim52) They have Jay-Z’s official #stampofapproval: I literally screamed when I found out that Haim were being managed by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation imprint. I lost the rest of my sense when I discovered that Jay handpicked the trio after hearing their single “Send Me Down”, the hip-hop influenced number that made significant waves for their artistry via social media. Not only are these girls talented, but they have #streetcred via Jay-Z’s backing.
haim61) The vocals are above industry standard: Simply put, these girls can sing their asses off. I didn’t understand their hype until I heard “Go Slow”, but it’s definitely well- warranted. The mixture of Danielle’s deep, husky lead with Este’s harmonies and Alana’s instrumentals are superb. Not only is Haim the most talented girl group out, but the fact that their #californiasoul pours through their vocals makes them one of the most unique trios ever. There aren’t many artists out now that can pull off “amazing” like these three girls have done, and it’s clearly evident on their debut album ‘Days Are Gone’.

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