[NEWS] Octavia Spencer to Star In NBC Reboot of ‘Murder, She Wrote’

octavia-spencer-elle-coverIn all honesty, I’ve never seen an episode of ‘Murder, She Wrote’. The syndicated mystery show centered around Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) as a cheeky but poignant detective slash fiction writer determined to solve difficult crimes. ‘Wrote’ spanned for over fourteen seasons and has become one of the most successful syndicated shows in the history of television. After over seventeen years off the air, NBC has decided to pull the show’s VHS out of the attic for a reboot. Oscar actress Octavia Spencer (‘The Help’) will play Fletcher, who is now a hospital administrator by day and novelist by night. NBC has already planned the pilot episode, with hopefully nineteen more episodes to follow. No release date has been set, but with former ‘Six Feet Under’ writer David Jannollari at the helm, it’ll definitely be quality television to look forward to in 2014.

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