[SONG] Ro James (feat. Asher Roth) x ‘Lisa’

RO-JamesR&B, especially males, has never been a favorite of mine. The troubled genre has declined significantly in terms of talent over the last decade, spawning mediocre success for poor vocalists such as Trey Songz and Chris Brown. Enter Ro James – a German-turned-American soul singer with a penchant for sensuality that pours through his slick vocals. As a song lifted off his three EP installment series ‘Coke, Jack, and Cadillacs’, James enlists indie rapper Asher Roth on his single “Lisa”. The song, apparently a tribute to ‘The Cosby Show’ actress Lisa Bonet, is a sexy R&B number about being the “best of the best”. James’ single also features a raunchy chorus – “she ain’t take that dick like you do, you got it, you got it / she ain’t make me shoot like you do, you got it, you got it” – that references Bonet’s rise as a sex and style icon during the 1980s. There’s no video for “Lisa” just yet, but I’m seeing more talent in Ro than most of the male artists out today. Listen and download Ro James and Asher Roth’s “Lisa” below.

Download HERE.

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