[SONG] Lady x ‘Money’

Lady-Nicole-Wray-Terri-WalkerIt’s likely that you’ve been acquainted with Nicole Wray, the teen protégé under Missy Elliott’s wing that spawned the Gold debut album ‘Make It Hot’ and disappeared from the scene shortly thereafter. It’s unlikely that you’ve heard of Terri Walker, a British neo-soul/opera singer who made waves with her MOBO-nominated debut album. Both artists started off with respectable mainstream success, but lost their steam just after their first releases. With their known talents at an all-time high, the new neo-soul duo Lady was formed via a chance studio coincidence in which both artists were working. After being signed to Truth and Soul Records, the first self-titled project from the duo was released earlier this year. First single “Money” gives a great segue into one of the most cohesive R&B releases in a very long time – and definitely much better than both artists’ most recent attempts back into the spotlight. The song is filled with influences from the 60s and 70s as the duo sing about partners that use them only for their money. For the more familiar, it’s quite the departure from Wray’s “Make It Hot” days, but it’s quite refreshing to see her voice over songs that are tailored for its true appeal. Listen and download Lady’s “Money” below.

Download HERE.

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