[VIDEO] Lady Gaga x ‘Artpop’

ladygaga_artpopJust hours after releasing her third album ‘Artpop’ (stylized as ‘Artflop’), Lady Gaga has released an equally weird video for the album’s title track. Sadly for the declining pop singer, “Artpop” (the video) doesn’t really help Gaga in terms of being successful, as the video features everything that many critics heavily critiqued her over. Like most people, Gaga’s inability to connect with the general public has really come to the forefront of her celebrity status as of late, and  the “Artpop” video” only makes things much worse for her future in the industry. There are several looks for Gaga’s latest visual, many of which have been revealed through promotional photos. What initially appeared to be a photo shoot actually turned into a twelve-hour horror fest with some of Gaga’s most freakish looks to date. A mud-inspired ensemble where the solid substance only covers portions of her privates, an oversized adult diaper (yes, you read that correctly), and a zombie-esque look previously seen on the “Dope” cover single. In all fair honesty, there’s no doubt that after watching this video, sentiments of being constantly scared paired with mud come to mind. It’s because of videos like this that Americans are growing tired of Gaga’s constant heavy antics that always requires deep interpretation. If this is Gaga’s definition of “art” and “pop” intertwining, it’s probably because she’s still high. Watch Lady Gaga’s “Artpop” video below (source).

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