[SONG + VIDEO] Lily Allen x ‘Hard Out Here’

lilyhardMy favorite (British) artist Lily Allen has officially said goodbye to her retirement days and reclaimed her spot as a premier popstar. “Hard Out Here”, the first single from her 2014 third album, is a satirical blend of lyrical masterpieces and pure sarcasm. With most of Lily’s music, there’s a dark sense of humor that’s playfully intertwined with her #britswag that’s always been very appealing to me. On “Here”, Lily takes jabs at the fame lifestyle by questioning everything most of us view as normal – cars, money, and girls. While Lily name drops nearly every positive within the fame, she also gives a very powerful affirmation as she sings “inequality promises that it’s here to stay / always trust the injustice ‘cause it’s not going away”. The video clip for “Here”, however, has caused even more controversy than the song’s “it’s hard out here for a bitch” line (that relates to 90% of the industry right now). With its jabs to Miley Cyrus (excessive in-your-face twerking), Robin Thicke (objectification of women), and Azealia Banks (dealing with the struggle towards success), the mix of Black and White girls twerking has people calling Lily racist the most. However, Lily, more prepared now than ever, uses the song to debunk any notions of racism when she sings “if you can’t detect the sarcasm, then you’ve misunderstood”. But the “there’s a glass ceiling to break” is very anthemic, as the phrase seeks to identify the role and perception of women in society in relation to men. Lily does it brilliantly here and maintains her classy British style every step of the way. Watch and download Lily Allen’s “Hard Out Here” below.

Download HERE.

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