[SONG] Lorde x ‘White Teeth Teens’

lorde_2013New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde may be the current ruler of the Hot 100 charts with “Royals”, but she’s so much more on “White Teeth Teens” – my favorite song from her debut album ‘Pure Heroine’. The barely-seventeen pop star tackles adult topics on “Teens” as she sings about the difference between herself and cliques. Here, Lorde metaphorically uses the notion of white teeth to identify the in-crowd. Lorde, never a follower, uses the odd (but sexy) line “I know you love it when the hairpins start to drop” to let people know that she’s neither perfect nor a fan of fancy hairstyles. The vintage drum instrumentation pulsates heavily over her motivational pro-feminist stance. It could even be argued that “Teens” goes further than the in-crowd, out-crowd stereotype to include gender perception roles as well. The hairpins, giving “bruises out like gifts” and the empress/emperor talk all makes for excellent gender and socioeconomic study research points. But for now, Lorde’s just trying to enjoy her teens – feminist stance and all. Listen and download “White Teeth Teens” by Lorde below.

Download HERE.

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