[YEAR-END] Top 10 TV Characters Of 2013

tvc10a10. Rutger Hauer/Niall Brigant Stackhouse (‘True Blood’)
tvc10bThe legendary Rutger Hauer was given the mysterious role of Sookie’s fairy grandfather on the sixth season of ‘True Blood’. Although being defeated, Niall, who originally made Jason think he was a vampire, brought a really intriguing vibe to the Warlow storyline.

tvc9a9. Seth MacFarlane/Brian Griffin (‘Family Guy’)
tvc9bBrian Griffin’s death (and rebirth) on the twelfth season of ‘Family Guy’ shifted the show to new, darker territory. With most cartoons, characters die and come back to life all the time – but not Brian. After much fan hatred towards the show’s direction, MacFarlane (who also voices Peter and Stewie Griffin) had no choice but to bring back Quahog’s favorite canine.

tvc8a8. Gabourey Sidibe/Andrea Jackson (‘The Big C’)
tvc8bAlthough Gabourey Sidibe is making waves on ‘American Horror Story: Coven’, her role on ‘The Big C’ is my favorite role of hers to date. Playing the quirky, but mean mentee to Laura Linney’s character, the show’s final season brought many great acting moments for the Oscar-nominated actress.

tvc7a7. Charlotte Rampling/Dr. Evelyn Vogel (‘Dexter’)
Known as a premiere British actress with over fifty-five years under her belt, Charlotte Rampling’s addition to ‘Dexter: The Final Season’ gave the show a much needed twist. Many psychiatrists have tried to heal Dexter in seasons past (including ‘Living Single’ alum Erika Alexander), but Dr. Vogel came the closest. Her death on the show was expected, but what she left behind (i.e. her son Oliver Saxon) dramatically shifted the show’s shifted finale.

tvc6a6. Taylor Schilling/Piper Chapman (‘Orange Is The New Black’)
tvc6bStarring as an inmate at a rough, all-female jail, Piper Chapman’s role through the prison ropes was the funniest comedy this year. The acclaimed Netflix-exclusive series was directed by Jenji Kohan of ‘Weeds’ fame and earned Schilling her first ‘Best Drama Actress’ nomination.

tvc5a5. Naveen Andrews/Jafar (‘Once Upon A Time In Wonderland’)
tvc5bThe ‘Once’ producers made a great call by enlisting former ‘Lost’ star Naveen Andrews to play Jafar in their fairytale spinoff. His whole look reminds me of a villain, adding to his epic portrayal as the ‘Aladdin’ villain this year. An interesting ‘Once’ tie-in: Andrews dated Barbara Hershey (Cora/Queen of Hearts) briefly, and now the actress is slated to appear on ‘Wonderland’ as his arch nemesis.

tvc4a4. Guillermo Diaz/Huck (‘Scandal’)
tvc4bOut of all the great actors looking for work after the conclusion of ‘Weeds’ last year, Guillermo Diaz definitely picked the right deal. Playing crafty cyber tekkie Huck, Diaz continues his streak of good-guy-gone-bad characters on the ABC drama. Diaz, who is openly gay but normally plays straight characters, will likely become a household name as his role become increasingly important to Olivia Pope’s political gameplay.

tvc3a3. Dania Gurira/Michonne (‘The Walking Dead’)
Revenge is a dish best served cold and Michonne has always been nothing but just that. After killing the Governor on this season’s winter finale, it seems as if Michonne’s normally unhappy character will begin to find happiness. Dania Gurira is also currently shooting a film based on the early 90s ‘Lives Of The Saints’ novels.

tvc2a2. Angela Bassett/Marie Laveau (‘American Horror Story: Coven’)
tvc2bAs one of the many legends featured on the third season of ‘American Horror Story’, Angela Bassett’s role as voodoo priestess Marie Laveau is a clear standout. Laveau’s antagonist role against Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange) showed viewers just how evil she could be. While Lange’s role has been nominated for this year’s Best Drama Actress Golden Globe, it’s Bassett’s acting that really brings out the best of the show.

tvc1a1. Robbie Kay/Peter Pan (‘Once Upon A Time’)
tvc1bThe seventeen-year-old British actor became a favorite among #Oncers for his ability to outwit the show’s most powerful characters. Peter Pan’s story weaved perfectly into the Neverland plot, and his role has left a permanent impact on the show going forward. Once Upon A Time is Robbie Kay’s biggest role to date, topping his previous roles in ‘In Bruges’ and ‘Hannibal Rising’.

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