[VIDEO] Angel Haze x ‘Drunk In Love’ (Beyonce’ Cover)

angelhaze_dilMy relationship with femcee Angel Haze has been pretty much love (‘The Reservation’) and hate (‘Classick’). Her publicly rushed debut album ‘Dirty Gold’ was met with mixed-to-negative reviews and I haven’t been able to gain interest in her since she went on an anti-Azealia rampage just a year ago. After her debut album’s poor sales must come some form of promo with hopes of saving the project, and Angel’s comes in the form of a Beyonce’ cover for the BBC 1Xtra Live Lounge UK series. Tackling Bey’s current single “Drunk In Love” is beyond risky especially for an amateur to the mainstream and, unsurprisingly, disappoints on every front possible. For Angel Haze – of all rappers – to attempt to sing Beyonce’s classic line “cigars on ice” (0:54) is just embarrassingly horrible. After Angel’s singing attempts fail miserably, there’s some random #help attempting to hit the upper parts of “Drunk In Love” (1:27). The only thing somewhat salvageable about Angel’s cover is when she switches up the #surfboardt to include Tom Ford and skateboards (2:25). But just after that, Angel and the background singer begin trading vocal bars again, and it plummets downhill. I’m unsure if Beyonce’ approved Angel to cover her single, which is why I’m hoping this version will face the same fate as Azealia’s “Partition”. Watch Angel Haze’s cover of Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” below.

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