[NEWS] Tyra Banks Planning ‘Life-Size’ Sequel, But Will Lindsay Lohan Appear?

tyra-life-size-tyra-banks-2049142-964-2480World renowned supermodel Tyra Banks may have been busy building up her ‘America’s Next Top Model’ franchise, but that hasn’t stopped her from approaching other projects. While Tyra’s singing career never kicked off after three failed attempts, she fared much better with television and film acting. The acclaimed director, writer, author, and producer first appeared in the 1995 film ‘Higher Learning’ in which she received rave reviews. Just a few years later, Banks had a starring role in the 2000 Disney Channel film ‘Life-Size’ co-starring Lindsay Lohan. Tyra plays a Barbie-esque doll that belongs to Lindsay’s character and comes to life as the living ‘Perfect Woman’. The film has received a huge child and adult following due to the overwhelming success of both stars, which leads me to question whether Lohan will be sober enough to participate in the sequel. After skipping the Grammys, Miley Cyrus tweeted about her excitement for the potential second Banks-Lohan film and helped raise the film’s profits by nearly 300%. I never knew there was an industry acting void for Tyra Banks that desperately needed to be filled, but it’s great to see her in other “acting” ventures outside of ‘America’s Next Top Model’. Watch a clip of Tyra Banks performing “Be A Star” from the ‘Life-Size’ film below.

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