[NEWS] ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Sequel Is Officially In The Works

pitchperfect2‘Pitch Perfect’, the a cappella breakout soiree featuring Anna Kendrick and Anna Camp, has officially began shooting its sequel. The film, which has become internationally known for its focus on vocal prowess, initially sparked rumors of a Christmas album in 2013 while Kendrick’s solo performance from the film “Cups” outperformed the soundtrack after given the official release and video treatment. As of now, only Kendrick and Rebel Wilson (aka Fat Amy) are officially signed on to return. Elizabeth Banks, who produced and appeared briefly in the film, will return to her director’s role for the upcoming sequel. Although nothing has been confirmed, co-star Skylar Astin has speculated that the second ‘Pitch Perfect’ film will delve into international competitions (and maybe even K-pop). There’s also no word whether urban singer-songwriter Ester Dean will return, as her surprising role as a lesbian in the first installment greatly aided in the film’s overall success. There’s no doubt that ‘Pitch Perfect’ is possibly the best musical movie of this decade, which is why a sequel would make the franchise even more iconic. Watch my favorite scene from the original ‘Pitch Perfect’ film below.

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