[SONG] Willow Smith (feat. Jaden) x ‘5’

willowsmithWillow Smith has come a long way from her 2010 hit single “Whip My Hair”, and it’s present more than ever on her new single “5”. The dark single about love features her brother Jaden and is a true all-out family affair. Willow’s showing her maturity at a rapid pace as she sings “I can taste the smoke rollin’ off your lips / I inhale, see the stars and then I smell your kiss/ show me, show me your galaxy”. Jaden addresses his maturing on his bars, rapping “like am I really that lost, that off in my head / I used to kick flip in my concerts, now rap awesome instead”. Both Smith siblings bring new insight into their lives currently in an effort to make alt-R&B a successful mainstream genre. As groundbreaking as “5” is (especially from Willow’s “Hair” days), the joy is somewhat missing since both are moving towards more grown-up material. The world may never get that fresh ‘Knees and Elbows’ album from Willow that was supposed to feature songs written by Kate Nash (“I Am Me”), Soulja Boy (“Whip My Hair”), and Teyana Taylor (“Fireball”). But for now, there’s the ethereal “5” featuring the new era of the Pinkett-Smith Clan. Listen and download Willow and Jaden’s “5” below.

Download HERE.

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