[SONG + VIDEO] Birdy x ‘Wings’

birdyAs a 17-year-old international star, Birdy may not have made as much of an impact as Lorde, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t as talented. Her first album ‘Birdy’ was comprised of all covers, and even I must admit it’s one of the best “reworkings” albums of all-time. Birdy’s second album ‘Fire Within’ has been jumpstarted by the beautiful single “Wings”. The stirring ballad seeks to describe the emotions that Birdy feels after being with a loved one, and reaches its pinnacle about midway through with her powerful vocals. Birdy’s visuals are usually very artistic with a bit of grunge and “Wings” is no exception. The radio potential never seems to let up on Birdy’s ‘Fire Within’, as each of the songs contains the same amount of #punch as its first single to be a top competitor if ever released stateside. But Birdy’s no stranger to stateside acclaim, earning a 2013 Grammy nomination for her ‘Brave’ soundtrack hit “Learn Me Right” featuring Mumford and Sons. Although there are several great songs in her lengthy catalog as it is, “Wings” is a great addition and potential introduction to mainstream listeners. Watch and download Birdy’s “Wings” below.

Download HERE.

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