[FASHION] The Toddlewood Movement

toddlewood3It’s probably safe to say that Toddlewood, the photography craze involving kids dressed as celebrities, is the cutest trend to ever hit the internet. Photographer Tricia Messeroux has been cited as the movement’s founder which made national headlines after covering trends from the 2014 Grammy Awards. But from the looks of Messeroux’s portfolio, she’s been reenacting famous celebrity moments for years. There’s the Golden Globes, a tribute to Whitney Houston, and even Beyonce’s adorable outfit from the 2013 Grammy Awards. Tricia’s Toddlewood movement also includes a full modeling agency, Hollywood-themed birthday parties for kids, and even modeling/charm school. Of all the media coverage on the cutesy movement, there hasn’t been any mention of Toddlewood runway but it doesn’t seem too far away from the looks of Messeroux’s mission statement and rate of company growth over the last year . The next big awards show is the Oscars (March 2, 2014), so I’m sure the now-renowned photographer will be ready. Watch a clip covering Toddlewood below and check out the 2014 Grammys photo shoot here.

toddlewood2 toddlewood1

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