[SONG + VIDEO] FKA twigs x ‘Papi Pacify’

fkatwigsUp-and-coming British singer FKA twigs is taking the subtle-but-sexy road to stardom and it’s starting to work in her favor. The singer’s first EP, as a whole, went widely unnoticed, but still spawned an underground hit single for her (“Water Me”). Her name is defined by a clever mix of the “formerly known as” acronym and a twig-inspired gift given to her by a friend. FKA’s eerie delicacy is highly evident on her ‘EP2′ single “Papi Pacify”, which tackles the trippy subject of unconditional means of affection. “Mmm mmm, papi pacify, pacify our love, our love, love” Twigs sings with a level of sensuous urgency uncommon for most newcomers today. The song’s video makes “Pacify” appear more erotic that it actually is, featuring a sexy male model gently entering his fingers down her throat (#pacify). Whether you’re into the #pacify concept or not, you can’t deny that FKA twigs’ vocals keep you interested. You may be especially concerned with the notion of hygeine after watching the clip, but it looks like that goes hand-in-hand with trust – and “Pacify” signals that’s something she has quite a lot of. After placing on the ‘BBC Sound of 2014’ long-list, it’s sure that FKA twigs is well on her way to stardom this year. Watch and download FKA twigs’ “Papi Pacify” below.

Download HERE.

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