Introducing A New Five Part Installment On Gay Male Rappers

gmrOver the next few weeks, I will be doing a special highlight on gay male rappers. Of the five rappers, they may vary in terms of accessibility, but they’re all talented in unique ways. A negative stigma is placed on artists that choose to “come out” in any art form, but what happens when they’re already out? The notion of acceptance, credibility, and even talent wrongly comes into question when anything “gay” is involved, so hopefully these posts will debunk many of these stereotypes. The five artists covered as part of this installment series include:

Le1f (Album Review / Op-Ed / Video Spotlight)
Zebra Katz
Cakes Da Killa
Big Momma
Mykki Blanco

I will be reviewing each of these artists’ most recent full body of work (EP or mixtape) as well as evaluating them based on the following five criteria:

-Mainstream appeal
-Live performances

In addition, I’ll also cover my favorite song from each artist, spending time to break down lyrics and interpret meanings. Look out for the first few sets of posts on Le1f beginning next week!

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