[SONG + VIDEO] Polica x ‘I Need $’

policaPolica, the Minneapolis-bred synthpop group widely known for lead singer Channy Leaneagh’s soft vocals, have taken their sound to a more radio-friendly level with their latest release “I Need $”. Serving as the third single from their sophomore set ‘Shulamith’, the latest from Polica is an all-too-familiar topic – money. The lyrics detail one simple #moneyrule – remaining humble when you have it and doing your best to stay happy when you don’t. Leaneagh’s lyrics hit so close to home that it’s more relatable than anything we’ve heard from them before. “I Need $” the video finds Channy playing a housekeeper at a hotel. Everything’s great until she sees a vision of herself sleeping rather than working, turning everything she thought she knew about her life upside down. The clip’s ending features another ‘Shulamith’ highlight entitled “So Leave” – aptly named after Channy’s #careerchange towards the video’s conclusion. All in all, it’s this type of minimalistic artistry in the “I Need $” clip that’s captivated such a large audience of listeners. And after just finishing a co-headlining trek with fellow indie band the xx and starting their own headlining venture this summer, there’s plenty more to come. Watch and download Polica’s “I Need $” video below.

Download HERE.

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