[SONG + VIDEO] Ferras x ‘Speak In Tongues’

“We talk the same shit, expecting to shapeshift
But we just jump, ship and swim
In the wreckage of what we save”

ferrasYou may not know about Katy Perry’s label Metamorphosis Music, but her first artist Ferras is one of the most promising new acts of 2014. On his debut single “Speak In Tongues”, singer-songwriter Ferras doesn’t exactly speak in tongues as the title alludes to. Instead, it’s a clever metaphor for kissing your lover. “No more words, I wanna speak in tongues” Ferras whispers during the song’s catchy chorus. Released way back in June with an impressive lyric video, “Tongues” is quite impressive from the artist Perry has coined ‘the man with the message’. The black-and-white video was released in late-October and features the super-cute Ferras in a holding a rosary in church. There’s no other features in the video, which is rightfully done for a proper mainstream introduction to Katy’s first artist. On its own, “Tongues” – produced by Canadian composer Billboard – is enough to compete with anything that’s on Top 40 radio today (Katy’s ‘Prism’ work included). But for now, he’s just riding a quiet wave off his self-titled EP until his official album is released in 2015. Watch and download Ferras’ “Speak In Tongues” below.

Download HERE.

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