[SONG] Laura Welsh (feat. John Legend) x ‘Hardest Part’

laurawelshAfter successfully playing frontwoman for British band Laura and the Tears, singer-songwriter Laura Welsh has begun the solo path less traveled with her upcoming debut album. Entitled ‘Soft Control’, Laura’s hotly anticipated debut has been preceded by two releases – most notably “Break The Fall” which became ITunes’ ‘Single Of The Week’ in late 2014. Laura’s more recent and poignant release, however, comes in the form of “Hardest Part” – a song with Grammy-award winning R&B superstar John Legend. On “Hardest Part”, Laura’s soft-spoken vocal meshes perfectly with John’s powerful upper register and finds the song coming off as more of a duet than a Legend feature. “Part” also deviates away from her previous pop/rock releases into more blues-meets-R&B territory, which should pay off well in her favor. It’s unsure if Legend had production or songwriting duties on his collaboration with Welsh, but the two of them together have made pure magic on “Part”. Listen and download “Hardest Part” by Laura Welsh featuring John Legend below.

Download HERE.

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