[SONG + VIDEO] Tove Lo x ‘Talking Body’

tovelo2After blowing away the American pop scene with her massive debut single “Habits (Stay High)”, singer-songwriter Tove Lo has unleashed second single that’s equally as impressive. On “Talking Body”, Tove continues her Swedish synthpop serenade by delivering a line that’s even catchier than her “Habits” predecessor. “If you love me right, we fuck for life” sings a sultry Tove over the beat by longtime collaborators the Struts. The video treatment for “Body” is just as sexual as the song itself, finding Tove in quite a few sticky situations to symbolize the song’s direct message. My favorite part is 3:34, where Tove explores a bit of #junglefever and its done in the cutest way possible. Although “Body” has only been at mainstream radio for a little under a month, it’s noticeable that it took “Habits” almost a year to gain traction, and I’m expecting “Body” to do the same. Watch and download Tove Lo’s “Talking Body” below.

Download HERE.

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