[SONG + VIDEO] Jack Ü (feat. Kiesza) x ‘Take U There’

jacku_kieszaJack Ü, a collaborative DJ project by producers Skrillex and Diplo, is undoubtedly one of the best things that’s happened to music. There’s one multiple-winning Grammy producer, and there’s another who has produced some of the world’s biggest urban sounds (namely Beyonce’s “Run The World” and Usher’s “Climax”). With the level of greatness already at a high for the duo, adding new pop queen Kiesza to the mix makes for a masterpiece. On the DJs’ first release “Take U There”, Kiesza takes the lead with her signature synthpop-meets-soul vocal. Diplo’s signature beat breakdown is left for the verses, while Skrillex’s staple sound take over the song’s actual drop – resulting in a beautiful marriage between sounds. In traditional Diplo fashion, the “Take U There” clip features live concert footage of all three artists, but it Kiesza’s spotlight that has the largest impact. She’s already known for her exceptional dancing skills from the VMA-nominated “Hideaway” video, but her footwork is even more profound in a live stage setting. Two killer DJs, an exceptional video, and hot dance moves – so what’s next? Missy Elliott will appear on the song’s remix in the near distant future. Watch and download Jack Ü featuring Kiesza’s “Take U There” collaboration below.

Download HERE.

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