[SONG + VIDEO] Selah Sue x ‘Alone’


Belgian singer-songwriter Selah Sue has made a name for herself nearly everywhere but in America, but that’s about to change with her latest single “Alone”. Lifted from her upcoming sophomore album ‘Reason’, “Alone” is a sultry, mid-tempo number that reminds me of 60s swing music but with much more soul. Her vocal is almost like the missing link between Erykah Badu and Adele but with a sprinkle of Jessie J’s vocal extraness. “Alone” paints an atypical picture of missing a loved one, but it’s the video that really sells the song’s overall potential. The clip features several mirror reflections of Selah as she belts out the song’s beautiful songwriting. By the time she hits the “cuz I’m alone” repetitive chorus, the meaning behind the clip’s distortions alongside the song’s message are both crystal clear. The combined power of Selah’s songwriting on “Alone” with its video treatment makes all the signs for stateside success similar to Duffy’s “Warwick Avenue”. After being praised by Prince and working with J.Cole and John Legend, Selah’s name will definitely be one to look out for in 2015. Watch and download Selah Sue’s “Alone” below.

Download HERE.

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