[VINTAGE] Lil’ Kim (feat. Timbaland and Andrea Martin) x ‘Money Talks’


Standing as one of the earliest collaborations between Lil’ Kim and Timbaland, the title number from the 1997 ‘Money Talks’ soundtrack contains (together) some of their best work to date. “Money Talks” infuses Timbaland’s (at the time) signature drum-and-bass patterns with a tropical melody. On the track, Kim paints vivid stories of dates with different flavors of men which seems to follow the lyrical framework from her debut album ‘Hard Core’ (also released in 1997). Grammy-award winning songwriter Andrea Martin appears on the chorus and sings a reggae melody about the relationship between love and money (“know de money and de lovin’ is my style”) while Kim spits about the rights and wrongs with balancing the two. Kim’s storytelling on “Talks” provides the framework for most of her career, as her biggest singles like “How Many Licks?” and “Lighters Up” have the same formula that propelled Kim to superstardom. Listen and download Lil’ Kim and Andrea Martin’s “Money Talks” below

Download HERE.

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