[NEWS] MTV’s ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ Returning For Exclusive Season


Standing as one of MTV’s most iconic shows, ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ proved to be one of the most successful animated ventures for the channel to date. The show, which centered around clay celebrity figurines fighting in a pop culture standoff, ran for a total of seven years and produced close to 100 episodes. ‘Deathmatch’ was cancelled in 2005, only to be revived a year later as part of the channel’s updated Friday night lineup. During this season, the show became the most watched animated debut in the show’s history. With ranks like these paired with the state of popular culture today, rebooting ‘Deathmatch’ is a no-brainer. In the past, the show spawned epic battles between Michael Jackson and Madonna, Diana Ross and Whitney Houston, and even Britney Spears versus Christina Aguilera. For the reboot, I’m certain there will be Iggy Azalea versus Azealia Banks, but I’d love to see Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey, Nick Jonas and Zayn Malik, and even Lil’ Wayne and Drake. Sadly, Katy Perry versus Taylor Swift or Beyonce’ versus Rihanna probably won’t happen due to the state of the respective real-life stan wars between them. My favorite episode of the show, hands down, is Beyonce’ versus Missy Elliott. Although the two have never had issues, pitting them against each other was a hilarious moment in early-2000 pop culture history. Watch the Beyonce versus Missy Elliott ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ episode below, and look for the reboot to hit television in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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