[SONG] Hot Chip x ‘White Wine and Fried Chicken’


Hot Chip is the kind of band that never disappoints. Every album is (track-for-track) heavenly and signature while evolving their sound with current trends. After the massive success of their last album ‘In Our Heads’, Hot Chip has reached new heights with their sixth release ‘Why Make Sense?’ Notably known for their uptempos, “White Wine and Fried Chicken” stands out as a soft, alluring ballad on their latest set. “You gave me white wine and fried chicken, a new place to stay / where my heart has permission, to sing through the day” sings band leader Alexis Taylor during the synthesized chorus. Hot Chip envisioned male R&B singers like Prince or D’Angelo singing “Chicken” during its conception, which I firmly believe would’ve made for an even bigger slay. Either way, Alexis does a great job conveying the somewhat somber emotions of “Chicken” as he paints a picture of a lover who takes him back in. Could this be the “Flutes” sequel I’ve always longed for? Listen and download Hot Chip’s “White Wine and Fried Chicken” below.

Download HERE.

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