[SONG] Kiesza x ‘Cannonball’ (From ‘Home’)


Kiesza’s proven with every release that she’s a pop vocalist to be reckoned with. Her debut single “Hideaway” topped Billboard, Itunes, and TUA’s charts throughout most of 2015 and earned the singer a VMA nomination for her highly impressive dance moves. On “Cannonball”, which is featured on the Rihanna-curated ‘Home’ soundtrack, Kiesza continues her trend of stellar vocals and delivers a standout performance on the set. The inspirational song features the singer discussing a love that’s physically and emotionally hard to deal with. On the album cut, Kiesza’s vocals soar higher than most as she passionately sings “I keep fallin’, fallin’ for you, like a cannonball”. The beautiful ballad marks one of Kiesza’s few departures from her longtime producer/collaborator Rami Safir Afuni, as the song was co-written and produced by Stargate (Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable”) and Emile Haynie (Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans”). Since “Cannonball” is one of three songs on the ‘Home’ soundtrack not co-written by its curator, it’s no surprise that it’s the strongest commercial effort from Kiesza to date. Listen and download Kiesza’s “Cannonball” (from the ‘Home’ Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) below.

Download HERE.

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