[SONG + VIDEO] Loreen x ‘Paper Light Revisited’


Swedish singer Loreen is looking to make a huge stateside impact with her upcoming second album ‘Paperlight’. After appearing on Swedish Idol 2004 and two seasons of Eurovision Song Contest, Loreen’s career skyrocketed from the #1 single “Euphoria” and garnered her rightful comparisons to the likes of Bjork and Enya. Set to be released in the fourth quarter of 2015, Loreen’s sophomore album is preceded by the stadium-single “Paper Light (Higher)” which has been recently remixed by Salvatore Ganacci. On “Paper Light Revisited”, Loreen keeps the melody of the original song fairly intact, while adding much-needed bursts of energy to the midtempo song. “We’re born to be higher, we’re paper light” Loreen sings as she metaphorically describes her rocky relationship with her lover. The video features similar high-fashion elements from the single’s official artwork, with a central theme of showcasing art through color distortions. If the revisited “Paper Light” is any indication of her vocal talents, her fanbase could increase greatly upon the international release of her sophomore album. Watch and download Loreen’s “Paper Light Revisited” below.

Download HERE.

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