[SONG + VIDEO] Action Bronson x ‘Actin’ Crazy’


Azealia Banks initially drew me to Action Bronson, but her actions actually made me appreciate the indie rapper more. After a slew of Ghostface Killah comparisons and critically-acclaimed mixtapes, Bronson released his formal debut album ‘Mr. Wonderful’ in early 2015. The album’s first single “Actin’ Crazy” packs two commanding verses from Bronson over a hard Noah “40” Shebib beat. Bronson’s flow fits quite nicely over the authentic hip-hop arrangement, and shines ever so brightly on the “why you think I’m out here actin’ crazy” refrain. The rapper, initially from Queens, has been bubbling under the radar for years, but “Crazy” brings him right to the forefront of rap alongside greats like Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole. The video treatment for Bronson’s single is just as “crazy” as the title implies and features a post-apocalyptic mayhem assault of #greenscreengreatness. Watch and download Action Bronson’s “Actin’ Crazy” below.

Download HERE.

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