[SONG] Allie X x ‘Sanctuary’


I’ve been a huge fan of Canadian singer-songwriter Allie X ever since she received an exclusive Katy Perry-cosign well over a year ago. Fast forward to today and Allie is building her career momentum upwards at a rapid pace. After two full-length, self-released albums, ‘CollXtion I’ marks the singer’s first label release via Universal Records. On album standout “Sanctuary”, Allie mixes notions of alt-R&B with electronica to deliver her strongest vocal showing to date. Allie’s soft vocals soar over the midtempo arrangement during the verses, while the chorus becomes stadium-esque as she belts “if they come with torches, cause they don’t like the truth / they can’t hurt me when I’m with you, you’re my sanctuary baby”. For an artist relatively new to the pop music scene, Allie gives so much #vocalacrobatics during “Sanctuary” that it’s quite shocking. And if she continues with releases like this, she’ll be competing for Katy’s crown before you know it. Listen and download Allie X’s “Sanctuary” below.

Download HERE.

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