[VIDEO] Father John Misty And Wife Emma Star In Pitchfork’s ‘Over/Under’ Web Series


Indie heartthrob Father John Misty has had an amazing year that’s culminated with his highly successful 2015 stateside tour. The singer-songwriter, whose ‘I Love You, Honeybear’ album soared to the top realms of the chart upon its release in February 2015, too his wife to Pitchfork for their exclusive ‘Over/Under’ series. Pitchfork’s series allows artists to vent on random topics within pop culture with the intention of allowing fans and listeners alike to understand a musician’s artistry. For Father John’s segment, he discusses how things like self-control is very underrated, while being authentic is described as being overrated. Widely known for his cynicism, Father John’s true comedic nature comes through during the interview in the most sarcastic way possible. His wife cosigns nearly every topic that the series brings to light, and even shares the same level of witty sarcasm as her husband. Watch Father John Misty’s ‘Over/Under’ set for Pitchfork below.

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