[YEAR-END] Top 10 Non-Singles Of 2015

Despite not given the official single treatment they deserved, these ten songs have become musical staples on nearly all of my playlists this year (see 2014 list here).

10. Florence + The Machine – Conductor
bns10Florence Welch’s latest vocal slayage compilation featured many acts of greatness, but this Target exclusive bonus song is one of her best songs to date.

9. MNEK – Suddenly
bns9An album cut lifted from MNEK’s debut EP, “Suddenly” alone places the British singer-songwriter at the center of 2015 R&B releases.

8. Madonna – Holy Water
bns8Co-written with Natalia Kills, Madonna’s “Holy Water” is a laugh-out-loud song featuring both artists on an extremely sexual high.

7. Selah Sue – Reason
bns7Indie singer Selah Sue surprised me with her vocal talents this year, and the title track to her sophomore album is one that truly highlighted her songwriting and vocal talents.

6. Adam Lambert (feat. Tove Lo) – Rumors
bns6Adam Lambert’s third album didn’t match the success of his first two releases, but this sultry duet with Tove Lo is definitely a strong vocal showing from both artists.

5. The Weeknd (feat. Lana Del Rey) – Prisoner
bns5A duet with the Weeknd and Lana Del Rey is only something I dreamed of, but I fell in love with both artists even more once it actually came to fruition this year.

4. Alabama Shakes – Gemini
bns4The haunting nature of “Gemini” by Alabama Shakes paired with Brittany Howard’s earth-shattering delivery on the song makes for the best female vocal of 2015.

3. JMSN – Ends (Money)
bns3JMSN’s smooth voice couldn’t sound any better over a hot beat, but “Ends (Money)” is the type of song to open his craft to a whole different set of new listeners.

2. Miguel – the valley
bns2Miguel tributes the most loathed part of Los Angeles via a naughty uptempo jam that likely helped propel his third album ‘Wildheart’ to critical acclaim.

1. Miley Cyrus – BB Talk
bns1While “BB Talk” was released as a surprise single after this list was created, the buzz behind this R&B gem from Miley Cyrus (!!!) is undeniably epic.

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