[OP-ED] Artists That Should Cover Each Song On Adele’s ‘25’

adele25Adele’s ‘25’ has broken every album record that Billboard has ever created since its release in late November 2015. Despite becoming one of the fastest selling albums of all-time in only a few short weeks, ‘25’ has left behind a legacy that will be hard for any artist to match. With all of the hype surrounding #adelephant, here are the mainstream artists that should cover songs from Adele’s third album with hopes of garnering equal (or greater) success.

1. Hello
There are very few R&B powerhouses that could tackle Adele’s comeback single, but Fantasia’s raspy, husky voice could likely pull it off.

2. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
Katy Perry would be the perfect remix to “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” since the song sounds exactly like something she would do.

3. I Miss You
It would be interesting to hear a male version of “I Miss You”, and Miguel’s voice would surely be a perfect match.

4. When We Were Young
Ella Eyre’s already garnered one huge cover under her belt, but covering this song would place her in an even more legendary category.

5. Remedy
I’ve always liked the infusion of reggae that Melanie Fiona includes in her music, and this would give “Remedy” the proper pick-me-up it needs.

6. Water Under The Bridge
Florence + The Machine are known for their references to “water” in their own songwriting, so covering Adele’s perspective on the subject would be only fair.

7. River Lea
Danger Mouse, the producer of “River Lea”, makes up one half of Gnarls Barkley with Cee-Lo, so there’s definitely comparisons on the song that would fit perfectly with Cee-Lo’s voice.

8. Love In The Dark
“Love In The Dark” is easily the hardest song to sing on ‘25’, which would make Christina Aguilera’s impressive range an easy choice.

9. Million Years Ago
I’d really enjoy a country version of “Million Years Ago”, and Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles is the best person to bring this cover to life.

10. All I Ask
Bruno Mars co-wrote this ‘25’ standout, making his inclusion on my covers list the most sensible choice of them all.

11. Sweetest Devotion
This song screams inspiration from British singer-songwriters, but I really believe Duffy’s husky voice would do a cover great justice.

12. Can’t Let Go
Beyonce’s voice on the ‘I Am…’ disc features her exhibiting extreme vocal control and prowess, making the Linda Perry-written “Can’t Let Go” an easy sell for her consideration.

13. Lay Me Down
Shamir’s androgynous voice would work well over this slow-burning bonus song, and would become the best cover under his belt to date.

14. Why Do You Love Me
“Why Do You Love Me” was co-produced by frequent Lana Del Rey collaborator Rick Nowels, making this cover for the alt-indie singer a no-brainer.

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