[YEAR-END] Top 50 Albums Of 2015 (#8) x Ryn Weaver ‘The Fool’


Ryn Weaver’s debut album ‘The Fool’ may have come out a year after her debut single “OctaHate”, but the wait proved to be well worth it. The Los Angeles singer-songwriter’s first full length project received a weighty boost due to the success of “OctaHate”, but the rest of the album is filled with even better songs from Ryn. The disc takes a two-sided approach to introducing Ryn to the mainstream. On one hand, there are (a few) gems similar to her first single – like “Stay Low” – which are filled with strong pop hooks and catchy melodies. On the other hand, there’s a folkier side to Ryn on songs like “New Constellations” and “Pierre”. It’s the latter songs that made Ryn’s debut so promising, as it really shows just how much more she can offer past her first single.

Best Selling Single: “Octahate”

Take A Chance On: “Pierre”

Should Be Next Single: “Stay Low”

My Favorite: “Sail On”

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