[SONG + VIDEO] Bonnie McKee x ‘Wasted Youth’


While Bonnie McKee’s ‘Bombastic’ EP became one of my favorite albums of 2015, I’d always hoped for a video for each song from the four-song collection. Recently, Katy Perry tweeted a link just shortly after Bonnie announced the video’s release for EP standout “Wasted Youth”. The song may have been several years in the making, but it’s quite the strong pop showing from the (normally) behind-the-scenes singer-songwriter. Bonnie sings about the joy of being youthful while reminding them that it doesn’t last forever. “Hang on, hang on / cause it’s going so soon / so let’s get it while we’re young” sings Bonnie over the song which was produced by Sean Walsh and co-written by Brit heartthrob John Newman. The video treatment for “Wasted Youth” continues the trends set forth in her “Bombastic” clip – a bright mix of colors and 80s themes spearheaded by a hard-hitting beat. Bonnie truly brings the essence of youth to life in the “Youth” clip and perfectly embodies the essence of feeling wasted and carefree. Watch and download Bonnie McKee’s “Wasted Youth” below.

Download HERE.

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