[SONG + VIDEO] Bonnie McKee x ‘Bombastic’


After getting dropped from L.A. Reid’s Epic Records, you’d think that singer-songwriter Bonnie McKee was out of solo chances in the music industry. Luckily, she’s able to pay for her own licensing and distribution due to crafting hits for everyone from Katy Perry to Ke$ha. Under her newly formed self-label Bonnie McKee Records, she’s doing things her way. The first release from her label is the ‘Bombastic’ EP, which carries the name of her newest single as well. “Bombastic” – the song – is an 80s driven guitar bass number that packs just as much punch as any of the songs she’s written for other people. Bonnie describes it as her “zero fucks given” moment, which is easily apparent from the catchy “You know I’m bringin’ bombastic, I’m feeling fuckin’ fantastic” chorus. The video treatment gives off even more 80s vibes, as Bonnie playfully creates a vintage aerobic instructor complete with the best legwarmers you’ve ever seen. Everything about “Bombastic” – the song and EP – has the primary ingredients for a hit, and Bonnie’s trying to show indie artists just how far their reach (and legwarmers) can go without major label backing. Watch and download Bonnie McKee’s “Bombastic” below.

Download HERE.

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