[SONG + VIDEO] Gallant x ‘Weight In Gold’

gallant_wigUnderrated R&B superstar Gallant may come off as an indie act, but the overall presentation is nothing short of greatness. The Columbia, Maryland native released his first EP ‘Zebra’ to universal critical acclaim in mid-2014. Ever since, Gallant’s been crafting his debut album ‘Ology’, which includes his most noteworthy single to date. On “Weight In Gold”, Gallant struggles with feeling boggled down by life and his problems as he croons “I’m pulling my weight in gold / call me anxious, call me broke / but I can’t lift this on my own”. The video treatment is simplistic like Gallant’s aesthetic and features colored spotlights against a set of near-pitch-black room. As dark and haunting as the visual may appear, it hones the viewer on Gallant’s most important instrument of all – his voice. And sometimes that’s all it takes to win a Grammy from a debut album. Watch and download Gallant’s “Weight In Gold” below.

Stream via Apple Music.

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